The Blackstone Foundation Library

The Blackstone Foundation Library

Promoting Knowledge of self, Cultural
education, literacy and independent
learning in areas of history, arts and culture

About Us

Our Journey

On our journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves, we are often faced with a full spectrum of hurdles that challenge our understanding of what justice, fairness and equality mean versus what we are handed.

We believe that in these remarkable times we are experiencing, inspiring and encouraging our community, especially our youth to embark on the journey of self-discovery leads to self-knowledge – a paradigm shift from the brutal recurrences of the darkest moments in our Black history.

We can only bring about a positive reform within our community when we seek knowledge of self, for self.​

The Blackstone Foundation Library is committed to ensuring access to culturally-relevant literature, mentorship opportunities and vital support systems as well as healthy engagement opportunities in safe, enabling spaces.

Together, we are challenging the popular narratives and forging a desired Black future.

Who are we?

We are Canada’s leading Afrocentric Nonprofit Organization dedicated to promoting Knowledge Of Self through a culture of learning and reading.

We believe that when a young mind comes across literature that inspires and encourages the journey of self-discovery, there is a spark ignited which when guided and nurtured, brings about a positive reform within Our Community. 

We are committed to igniting that flame.

By ensuring sufficient access to books, mentors, support and engagement opportunities, and by creating safe enabling spaces, we challenge the popular narrative and forge an exemplary, more representational one.

What are we doing?

Black Book Box

Our Black Book donation boxes where you can donate new or pre-loved books that are for, by or about people of the African Diaspora.

The Blackstone Library

Our flagship; a unique library experience that offers a safe space for cultural learning and reading.

Located at:

Do The Knowledge Online

Our Peer Mentor-driven program offering safe spaces that encourage self-awareness, self-expression and self-knowledge.

Seeds of Wisdom

Our Afrocentric Literacy, Culture and Wellness workshop series for children ages 6 to 12 years.

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